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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photoshop Auto Save - Electric Iris Trial Update

On Feb 27, ONE WEEK AGO, this space posted a wish list for Adobe Product Bug Fixes and Feature updates. 

Part of that mentioned a trial for a product I was using, PsdAutosSaver by  I just got a notice that my ONE MONTH TRIAL has expired.  No problem but that is incorrect. It has only been one week.   Bug in the programming.  I was opening a photo from Lightroom to edit in Photoshop on my Mac and Photoshop crashed after getting the error message from Electric Iris.  I sent a crash report to Adobe and Apple.

I re-did the same sequence and Photoshop crashed again after getting the same warning from Electric Iris.  Being the sharp knife in the drawer that I am, I trashed the PsdAutosSaver program and VOILA, problem fixed.  Bug in the program.  I wasn't about to buy the program to continue to do the Alpha testing for the company gratis.

In the week that I was allowed to try PsdAutosSaver, the results were inconsistent.  Sometimes it saved a backup copy, sometimes it didn't.  If I worked on JPG, it would create a HUGE .PSD file that did not show my changes, so it does not do what I had hoped it would do.   If you are using Lightroom, backup files are automatically saved because when opening Photoshop from Lightroom,  it creates a duplicate file, leaving the original untouched.

Adobe, I still want an adjustable Automatic Autosave feature that allows me to set the timer from 1 minute to 30 minutes.  Default version is set to ON at 10 minutes.  Preference to adjust the timing or turn off if the Autosave becomes a pain.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Adobe has some serious bugs and performance issue in their flagship programs.  Providing feedback to them formally is a pain and always goes unacknowledged except for the user forums where comments go on forever it seems without resolution.  I had a clipboard issue that was one example recently.  I still get e-mails.

In any case, I am posting this in the hope that ADOBE actually trolls and finds this.  There are a lot of fixes needed on the MAC Versions.  Adobe needs to employ more programmers than lawyers!

Make your voices heard.  You are not alone.


SERIOUS Develop commands like Tone and Crop are still unstable and frequently reset on their own.

ANNOYANCE: IMPORT Preset - not a default.  Must always select. Easy to forget to set.  Why not a preference? Fewer clicks are better.

SERIOUS Synchronize is DYSFUNCTIONAL.  Major problems.  Bridge shows 102 photos.  Lightroom after SYNC shows 22.  I have NO TRUST IN THIS PROGRAM.

When Synchronizing, it shows only the new ones in the folder that were imported.  Should be an INTUITIVE button to show the entire folder contents.  ALTERNATIVE: HIGHLIGHT THE CORRECT FOLDER just synchronized in the TREE FOLDER PANE with BOLD YELLOW.  Don’t make me think about what should be obvious.

Should be an AUTO SYNC option in preferences.

Autosync is would be a nice feature.  A preference, prevents constant guessing of what updates were made.  Put a timer on and let it run at 3am.

PREFERENCE for Delete default.  DELETE from disk is not the default. Level of security should be selectable.  Fewer clicks are better.

Selections do not work properly
Selecting multiple photos and hitting the delete key, only selects one.  Must right click.  
Same with flagging picks.

To select the VIEW PICKS filter, you now need to click twice.  Clicking once does nothing

Folder structure collapses when changing or adding folder names, forcing retracing of a lot of steps.  Worse performance than 2.X

Use MAC Color Sceme on Folder Tree Structure.  I carefully color code my folders and in both Bridge and Lightroom, it is not shown.  Yet, in Photoshop, when I try to find a file, the folders open in all their relevant, colorful glory.  Surely the Mac / Adobe “Special Relationship should allow for this to happen.

Import JPEGs and convert to DPG: don’t give me an excuse and message that it was’t done.

Add to a given collection - quick, the B key is quick collection, what is the shortcut key to add to a SPECIFIC Collection?

Need one EASY shortcut key to go to Library, not compound.  How about L.  Change L for lights out.  Lights out should be FULL SCREEN slide show without the loading delay.  Current feature is of limited use to me.

Camera Raw updates not coordinated.  Despite having Lightroom 3.3, and CS5, Adobe  Updater still thinks I am out of date.

Keywording panel is too hard to customize.  I repeatedly need to fill in only a few fields but have to scroll all over creation.  How about “Right click and use check boxes for the fields you want to see.”

Explanation of creating a hierarchy needs to be better.  I have lots of creatures with Common names and Latin names and Adobe hasn’t made my life INTUITIVELY easier here.

Some Items are UN-LABEL-ABLE. Need to skip some and just remember the one that needed a label or rating.

VIEW /Sort View is a mess.  Buried many menu clicks deep, it should always be visable.  I frequently have to do sorts Ascending and Descending, by date and by filename.  Make Sort a different menu bar item and use checkboxes so we can do things quickly, not having to back in repeatedly. Fewer clicks are a good thing.

COPY TO AND MOVE TO should support longer lists of folders. ACDSee does this better, but they are flailing and uncommunicative as well.

Use MAC Color Sceme on Folder Tree Structure.  I carefully color code my folders and in both Bridge and Lightroom, it is not shown.  Yet, in Photoshop, when I try to find a file, the folders open in all their relevant, colorful glory.  Surely the Mac / Adobe “Special Relationship” should allow for this to happen.

Enable Mouse/Trackball wheel scrolling to go to next picture.

Using MAC OSX, switching to Lightroom requires going via Bridge, or other application.  Most of the time, my monitor 2 appears and not the main view.  Could be a video card issue.

Adjustment Brush wanted, not just in Camera Raw.  Dodge and Burn is messy and awkward.

Opening shots from BRIDGE, you can’t pre-determine where the picture will appear between two monitors.  Arbitrary and files can get buried and hidden.

INCREDIBLY, PHOTOSHOP STILL DOES NOT AUTO SAVE DOCUMENTS. Auto-update Open documents is a useless term.  AUTO SAVE OPEN DOCUMENTS is better, should be default setting.

I have NO IDEA what AUTO-UPDATE DOES.  It surely does NOT AUTO SAVE.  Deceptive name to the function. Electric Iris has a plugin ( but that is not the answer for a program that just celebrated its 20th ANNIVERSARY!