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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Canon Refurbished Cameras

Much of the time, you may not "need" a "new" camera.  Perhaps you need a backup body to your current main camera, or a backup to one you have in an underwater housing.  Or you want to upgrade without having to pay the current price.

Sure there is e-bay, but you may be rolling the dice.

Here is an alternative:  Canon Refurbished Cameras

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NOTE TO SELF: Full Frame Sensor Prices


We need to do a post on Full Frame Sensor Prices.  Specifically as they relate to DSLR pricing.  Seems like the Canon 5D Mark III is way too late and not much has changed in this technology according to Moore's law in the last three years.  Given the drop in storage pricing, big sensor pricing ought not to be far behind.  Hmmm.

But still...APS-C ought to go the way of the flood - ASAP.