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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marketing Lenses: Industry Failings

I think that camera and lens manufacturers such as Canon, Sigma and Tamron have missed the boat in the way they market lenses. Similar to the great, deceptive MEGAPIXEL wars (much ado about nothing) giving a "35mm equivalent" is not especially helpful.

I frequently like to shoot fairly wide, around the magic angle of 90 degrees, the full frame equivalent of 20mm.  To do this using the highest quality lenses from Canon is a challenge as their L series ZOOMS  mostly stops at 24mm.  At this end of the lens spectrum, every millimeter counts.

The Sea Lions below were shot with an 11-18mm Tamron Lens at 11mm.

See more of my Sea Lions and Seals here.

The following chart I derived from a  Wikipedia  chart and illustrates typical angles of view.

What does this all mean?  For real meaning, I want the camera and lens manufacturers to start marketing lens angles using DEGREES of Diagonal coverage, not Focal length.

The Sea Lion shot above is available for sale as a T-Shirt here.