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Thursday, July 28, 2011

More SIGMA Lens Problems on Canon DSLRs

Error 99 is a well known issue with SIGMA lenses on Canon cameras.  Cost me about $100 to fix that one from disabling my Rebel using the Sigma 35 - 200 due to a bad lens chip.

I was out shooting Manhattan recently with my 50D and Sigma 18-200mm and found that it was "HIJACKED."  By that I mean, uable to change the shutter speed in Tv mode, unable to change the shutter speed in M mode, unable to see shutter speed in Av mode.

Thinking I was having to send the camera back for repair, the Error 99 experience made me suspect the lenses.  I put on the Sigma 50 1.4 and no change.  I then put on my Canon 70-200 EF IS and VOILA - the problem was FIXED!  Each time I turned off the camera and turned it back on again to "Reboot."

So I am suspect of the combination and reliability of Sigmas lenses with Canon cameras.  After the Canon lens fix, I tried my Sigma 18-200mm and it worked again, but for how long.  We will see how Sigma responds.

 Here is my Midtown view from my Night Gallery using my Canon 70-200mm.

I am serously considering either of the following:
Canon 24-70mm EF L f 2.8  or the Canon EF L f/4 24 - 105.  Neither is ideal for APS-C size Sensor as has been outlined in previous posts by this author.