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Sunday, February 27, 2011


This may be out there somewhere but not on any of my Canon cameras.  Seems to be available on Smart Phones but not real cameras.  Let's face it, Digital Cameras are designed by engineers governed by their Marketing Department Masters.  Not photographers, the end users.  There is an inherent problem with this.  Case in point: Downloading pictures and emailing them.

A BUTTON on the back of a camera, not yet another godforsaken menu-pick.  The new button, universal among manufacturers,  when pushed, transfers the photo DISPLAYED on the back of the camera to the DESIGNATED or AUTOMATIC EMAIL bucket on the computer designated on setup via WiFi.  The photo is in 6" x6" dimensions to accommodate 4x6 in vertical or horizontal jpg and 72 dpi resolution, not the "full RAW FILE monty."  Option to include Copyright and Watermark info if desired.

Digital Photography is a hassel.  "If you want pictures,  shoot film.  If you want work, shoot digital."  - John Ares

Current process:
1. Take the card out of the camera
2. Locate and connect card reader to computer with the correct functioning slot for the card.
3. Insert card
4. Wait for Lightroom or other software to recognize card
5. Go through endless dialogs to download photo including setting up new folder with correct name and important Metadata, manually designating presets to "work automatically."
6. Wait up to 30 minutes while entire card is downloaded.
7.  Select photos.
8.  Export the photos
9.  Select the correct EXPORT dialog preset from a list.
10. Send files
11.  Log into Email and select photos and send.
12.  Endure interruptions encouraging upgrades for security and the photo software by Adobe.  The upgrades now include the latest camera models from native manufacturers like Nikon and Canon denied to Adobe and they had to spend time and resources to reverse engineer.  Great business models.  NOT.  Lets grow up folks! 

Just remember, this 12 Step Program explained in Marketing's Powerpoint presentation is for our benefit and makes life "easier, better, saves time & money."