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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am very excited about this one.  The Lightroom BETA 2 is here with VIDEO SUPPORT!  The Beta Ver 1 had improved Watermarking capability, but this is great now that it recognizes Videos.  You can not use the develop module at the moment, but in Library Mode, you can do keywording and other Metadata tasks.  FINALLY! Thank you Adobe.

In addition, there is now:
- DIRECT TETHERED CAPTURE for select Canon and Nikon cameras
- Point Curve behavior like Photoshop Curves on the Tone Curve
- Improved Noise Reduction with Luminance added
- Improved Watermark formatting
You can upgrade the Catalog you had been using in BETA 1 (Not your production Catalog)

The 11 min video below is really good.

Click here to see the Adobe Video on what's new.

Click here for the download.