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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PHOTOSHOP: Improved Contact Sheet Capability

Making a contact sheet is an "old-fashioned" film era technique that gave you an "all in one" sheet view of your "roll" of film. You can do this this in many photo editing / organizer programs but with the release of CS4, Adobe has given Bridge a 1000% speed increase in generating the Contact Sheet.

Here is the short version of the procedure:

Open Bridge and select the photos you want in the contact sheet(s). It could be hundreds. If you set for 6 x 6 as suggested below, 72 photos from your card will print 36 each on 2 pages, etc.

Go to the OUTPUT module (MAC: Command key + F6; WIN: CTRL +F6)

Select PDF then


On the same screen view, you will see Layout section. You will want to start perhaps with a 6 x6 view. This will give you the look and feel of the old style 35mm contact sheets with 36 per page. Note the check box settings below.

Adobe TV has this on a short video (less than two minutes) Click Here.