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Monday, May 3, 2010


Ikelite recently upgraded it venerable D-SLR Underwater Housing.  The main improvement is the addition of two additional port locks bringing the total to four.  I have been using Ikelite camera housings since 1980 with no major issues or floods and I used to sell them as well.  Older housings can be upgraded for a couple of hundred dollars and to my mind, it is almost like getting a brand new housing for the price of a tuneup. Details can be viewed here.

Some folks have been critical of Ikelite because of port lock failures but I never had an issue.  I was and still are RELIGIOUS about watching the port lock indicators snap to attention to be sure they are locked.  I used the two lock system for years without incident.

The other improvement to the housing is the addition of a  1/4 Screw socket at the top of the housing.  This is ideal for mounting a Focusing light, small video camera in its housing, etc.

In practice, the housing is still an excellent performer as it always has been.  Of the "serious" housings for shooting underwater, Ikelite is perhaps the most versatile choice depending on your camera model.  Some Olympus D-SLR housings might be be less expensive, but will not work with non-Olympus systems.  However, Ikelite is not as expensive as the metal housings.  That can leave you with extra money to buy a BACK UP BODY as insurance against the unthinkable.  We always travel with back up bodies for each housing.

You can purchase Ikelite housings here.

Here is a hilarious new photo from the Crystal River, Florida trip using the new Ikelite housing.  The Manatee is fine, just sleeping upside down.  I could almost hear the snoring.  Click here to see a larger version in the Lighter Side Gallery.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We are just back from Florida where we were photographing the Manatees of Crystal River.  Check here soon for links to the articles that we wrote for  The articles will cover shooting Manatees and the logistics of swimming with them and human interactions with these magnificent creatures.

Check the schedule to the left for dates for the presentations.

In the meantime, click here to see some of the photos from the trip.