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Friday, May 7, 2010


Metadata in Digital Photography can be a subject attacking the brain 180 degress from the creative instincts of most photographers.  BORING.  But is is a critical topic to understand because of Intellectual Property rights, Copyright issues and use on the Internet in particular.  It is also important for your sanity in being able to find find images in the archive on your hard drive.

Most searches bring up a drab computer definition stating that metadata is "Data about data."  This doesn't do anything for me regarding photography.  So I came up with one.

What is Photographic Metadata?
“Useful information written into your photo file that will identify who owns it, what camera took it along with exposure information and keywords describing the photo making it SEARCHABLE.  Some is written by the camera and some is input by the photographer after downloading to a computer."

I invite your comments.

Now Metadata can include GPS tags that would locate where this picture of the Manthiri Liveaboard Dive Boat was taken in the Maldive Islands.   See more of my Nautical gallery.

The excellent book, The DAM Book, Second Edition, by Peter Krough has a good relevant definition on page 64 but it is too long.

The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers