Monday, September 21, 2009

IDENTIFICATION BOOK- Nudibranchs of the World

"Save the oceans, become a diver." How often have we heard this in the last five years? How does one do this exactly? Underwater photographers are in an enviable position to positively impact what is happening in the oceans by providing a photographic record of what is there and NOT there. Only by identifying what the creatures are, can we begin to contribute to the body of knowledge of the oceans. Click here to see a few of my nudibranchs from Sulawesi.

"Remember those big round things with the spikes? We don't see them anymore," won't be helpful in recording the decline of a species. Click below to see the full story...

Digital Nikonos Industry Design Challenge

Are all of the Nikonos systems out there really just paperweights? Are the superior optics of Nikonos lenses such as the 15mm or RS lenses really never going to see the light of day (or water) again? Is it really impossible to produce adapters that will allow owners of these fine pieces of equipment to utilize them in today's digital age? Click below to see the full story...

Underwater Photography DSLR Packing Checklist

Let's face it, if you're shooting underwater photography with a DSLR, you've got a lot to think about when packing for a dive trip.

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MetaData is an important topic for anyone who shoots Digital and want to A) Find your photos or B) Wants to share them with others.

U/W Point And Shoot Packing Checklist

Critical organizing tool for Point and Shoot Underwater Photographers.


Adapted from a Stock Artists's Alliance mail. Still you wonder where the time goes. Here is a good explanation.