Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ernie Brooks - B&W Master

Beneath the Sea is the country's largest consumer dive show.  Last weekend, we had the good fortune to meet this year's "Legend of the Sea."

He is a sincere gentleman with a quick wit and great eye for light, especially underwater, and the atmosphere as he is now photographing clouds.  We caught his presentation "Adrift with Penguins."  What a departure from the usual in a great way. 

As a photographer, he has a philosophy of sharing that most of us feel on an intutive level, but he shared by giving out many archival prints to the audience that were hand signed and embossed.  Free.  Wow.   We just had to promise to frame them and give them a place of honor.

Check out the preview for his new book SILVER SEAS here.

Buy the book here.