Monday, March 10, 2014


By no means is this a comprehensive list, but I have come across some doozies in my career.

1.  By far, the most common insult starts like this:  I LOVE YOUR WORK!  And I am publishing a book.  I would like to use your photo of...(XYZ) AND I will give you a photo credit. 

Last time I checked, photo credits cannot feed anyone or pay the rent or upgrade equipment, computers and software.

2.  Congratulate us! We are getting married!  Save the date.  You accept the invitation.  Then a week later you get the call... Oh, by the way, CAN YOU BRING YOUR CAMERA?

3.  "What a great photograph.  "WHAT CAMERA DO YOU USE?"  The last I heard, no one ever asked James Mitchener what word processor he used to write his novels.  

This insult is subtle because the implication is that using the same camera will confer talent of seeing, creativity and knowledge of light and composition to the possessor.

4.  "I have an opportunity to teach a college course on all the subjects that you have photographed.  Can I use the photos for free."  True story.


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Thursday, January 23, 2014

3D Printing Article

3D Printing Article

From PDN (Photo District News).  Good primer in relation to Photography.  Brave new world.

Here is what I would like to knock out in 3D printer: how about a 30' Whale Shark?  No, this was a lucky shot.  The diver is just 10 feet behind the shark.  No pun intended, shot with a fisheye.

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