Friday, February 10, 2012

A Photographer Produces Photographs...

Short observation.  Since most of us are digital these days, does this mean we are no longer Photographers?  After all, Kodak is on life support.

If a photographer produces photographs, or a photo or pictures, who produces IMAGES?  An IMAGIST?  An IMAGE-OGRAPHER?   When we change the names, the meaning changes.  Marketing is very powerful and SUBTLE.  HOW IS IT DIFFERENT? AND WHY?

How has this term IMAGES infiltrated the culture? How are images meaningfully different from Photographs?  We know how BOTH are different from SNAPSHOTS.  I contend we need to do away with the word IMAGES.  Fragments use as components of Photographs should be called by those names.  If your name is Denise, and I call you Britney, do words mean anything?

Bring back William Safire.