Thursday, October 13, 2011


I had been having issue with Bridge crashing, hanging and otherwise taking forever to access my files.  After some research I found this for BRIDGE CS4 & CS5.

Click here for the Adobe solutions.  Applies to both Mac and Windows.  The prodedure takes a while, so be patient based on how many files have to be cleaned.  I would suggest doing the procedure when you don't need Bridge so it is free to take as much processor power as it needs.  It will grap a LARGE portion of CPU power if available.

There are SEVEN fixes listed, but my issue were resolved by a simple procedure to RESET PREFERENCES and CLEAN THE CACHE.

CAUTION: YOU WILL LOSE YOUR COLOR LABELS.  In my case they were all turned    WHITE.  

No doubt, there will be other ININTENDED CONSEQUENCES I have not identified and Adobe has not flagged.

Best of luck.

Used Bridge and Adobe Photoshop CS5  to produce one of my new t-Shirts yesterday. Orchid shot with four lights.  Order if you like.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adobe LIGHTROOM 3.5 Failing Grade

Grrr.  Adobe is updating Lightroom to include new cameras and doesn't fix serious issues with version 3.5.  I barely use the develop module anymore.  I switch to Photoshop.  Using Mac Lion, develop can't retain cropping, takes forever to load and is a general waste of my time.

AWFUL noise is still persistent using the tone curve adjust in Lightroom.

Upgrade grade:

Note to Adobe: hire me part time as a true release tester.