Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Having a variety of backgrounds is important for any studio or enthusiast photographer.  Having a primo background that is contemporary and painted with different tints can give your work a distinctive look.   Model Beatriz Carranza is depicted below using a Wescott background.  (Her contact info is found in my portrait gallery here.)

However, you want to change things from time to time and BLACK and WHITE are basic alternatives.  So much so that Botero has given away a ton of their plain white #000 background when you buy another background.  Except it isn't Muslin, most likely it is nylon or polyester.  Muslin by the way is a fabric weave of COTTON.  Flannel is a different weave of cotton.

So why then is the black version of the #000 near $80.00 or so?  It is a mystery of the seas.

To avoid that toll, I went to a fabric store today and saw they had a MUSLIN department.  The material is 9 feet wide and I got 3 yards as it is sold by the yard.  Cost?  Under $30.00.  You may want to have someone sew a flap on one end so it can be supported in a background stand.  Voila!

Here is the earth held up to my black background.  Just kidding.  See this and more in my Surreal Gallery.

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