Thursday, October 13, 2011


I had been having issue with Bridge crashing, hanging and otherwise taking forever to access my files.  After some research I found this for BRIDGE CS4 & CS5.

Click here for the Adobe solutions.  Applies to both Mac and Windows.  The prodedure takes a while, so be patient based on how many files have to be cleaned.  I would suggest doing the procedure when you don't need Bridge so it is free to take as much processor power as it needs.  It will grap a LARGE portion of CPU power if available.

There are SEVEN fixes listed, but my issue were resolved by a simple procedure to RESET PREFERENCES and CLEAN THE CACHE.

CAUTION: YOU WILL LOSE YOUR COLOR LABELS.  In my case they were all turned    WHITE.  

No doubt, there will be other ININTENDED CONSEQUENCES I have not identified and Adobe has not flagged.

Best of luck.

Used Bridge and Adobe Photoshop CS5  to produce one of my new t-Shirts yesterday. Orchid shot with four lights.  Order if you like.

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