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Sunday, April 1, 2012

LIGHTROOM 4 - First Impressions

Upgraded to Lightroom 4 this weekend.  So far, so good.  Here is a first look.


Seems as if there are two notable fixes.  First, the Adjustment Brush SEEMS as if it is throwing fewer artifacts at the photo when you use the tool to darken.  In a future post I will do a thorough comparison.   Second, the File Counter is working again.  In the last version, the root folders had counts of "0."

We now have the ability to directly e-mail from Lightroom.  This is time and mind saver.  No longer do you have to Export, switch to mail, remember the file name and search for its location.  On my Mac, Lightroom 4 defaults to going to Apple mail.  I configured it to go to my Gmail account and it seems to work with Firefox.  Chrome did not display the photos!  One downside is that Lightroom 4 does not connect with the Apple Address book so addresses need to be typed in manually.

There is a new BOOK assembly Main Menu pick that allows you format for self publishing.  I don't do this frequently, so it is a nice to have.

I still want features like displaying my existing Folder Color Labels coding and similar keystrokes as Bridge when doing common tasks like going to Photoshop to edit, and using the L keystroke to go back to Library, Autosynch for the Catalog, and auto default Import Presets.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


With my new memory installed, importing into Lightroom is also much improved.  Pulling in 4BG cards used to take about 25 minutes or so.  Now, when Lightroom wants to grab all the remaining memory, the picture looks like this.  Bottom line, it now takes 15 minutes to download.  If you need to mess around with viewing and editing while downloading, the download will take longer.

Almost 40% faster download?  I'll take it.