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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PORTRAITS: Tibetan Portrait - The Power of Compassion

BOOK REVIEW: Tibetan Portrait - The Power of Compassion Photos by Phil Borges

Learned of this book at the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art in Staten Island where this exhibit is in it waning days.  The museum is lilliputian, but the grounds are photogenic in themselves and perfect for a party / celebration.  The view from Lighthouse Hill is one of NYCs best kept secrets but that is a post for a another time.

The book has stunning photographs of Tibetans from circa 1994.  Count on this venue to keep you up to date even it takes 20 years.  Photographers learn in many different ways as most humans but we, DUH, tend to be more VISUAL in our learning preferences.  This book is a PRE-DIGITAL LESSON in four things: 1. Human expression,  2.  Subtlety of color (B&W combined with Sepia), 3. Lighting and  4. Use of  "Frames" in a pre-photoshop era.

The book it out of print but available.  Rizzoli is the publisher.

Steve McCurry, Richard Avedon and Annie Liebowitz are among my favorite portrait photographers.  Whether studio or outdoors, the human being is still among our most fascinating subjects.

Tibetan Portraits succeeds because these folks are NOT from here.  They look different.  You will not see them in the local Chinese restaurant.  They are different, they are Tibetan.  Their culture is in their eyes. The Dalai Lama shot is stunning, yet he blends in with the rest of the subjects.  Much to learn here.  The text accompanying the photos is provided by the Dalai Lama.