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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Canon Refurbished Cameras

Much of the time, you may not "need" a "new" camera.  Perhaps you need a backup body to your current main camera, or a backup to one you have in an underwater housing.  Or you want to upgrade without having to pay the current price.

Sure there is e-bay, but you may be rolling the dice.

Here is an alternative:  Canon Refurbished Cameras

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CREATIVITY - Point & Shoot Limitations

This venue doesn't spend a lot of space on equipment because ultimately, the camera make or model really matters little.  Whether I have a Nikon, Canon , Olympus, Pentax or SONY is largely immaterial.

What matters much more is the question "is the tool capable of doing what you want?"  If I want to shoot birds or nature, this pretty much rules out a Point & Shoot (P&S).  Sure you can force a long zoom Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) into play, but it will still suffer from shutter lag / delay.  You will be frustrated until you start using the larger and heavier SLR.

Surprisingly, you will also be frustrated with shooting kids and cats!  Both are fast moving subjects with fleeting expressions.  However, the SLR with its industrial strength image processor & sensor are capable of RESPONDING quickly.  An SLR with long lens is the only style of instrument than can deliver the goods in this case of the capturing the geese below reliably.  The Windmills are just north of Atlantic City, NJ. The geese are at Forsythe National Park.

See more bird pictures in my Bird Gallery.

However, it you are shooting casually, and perhaps still scenes, you creativity may not be crimped at all.  If you are likely to leave the big camera at home a P&S will be your best bet for having something in your pocket.  My Canon G9 has produced very nice low light shots in New Zealand.  Due to its medium size, I use the G9 in a compact case on my belt.   Below, the Sky Tower in Aukland was not going anywhere fast.  And it also makes a nice enlargement up to 13 x19.

License this image at Alamy