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Monday, November 15, 2010


Gaps in features provided by Adobe mean opportunities for other Photo Software Developers.  Case in point, converting Color Negatives to Positives.  This Blog has posted articles on how to do this previously, but the process is not exactly easy or straightforward.  You need to fiddle a lot with getting the white point exactly right.

There is a program called Cyberview X that is bundled with Pacific Image Powerslide Scanners, but you cannot use it on an existing file that you copied from a negative.  I spoke to Pacific Image about this and they told me they have no intention of modifying the software to load existing files, it is only designed for scanning in progress using their scanner.

I bought a utility called Vuescan, but it won't do BATCH! Again, it is designed with the SINGLE PURPOSE of using with an ATTACHED SCANNER.  It has been upgraded since I got it, but for the purpose of converting an existing file, the process is NOT obvious with the new version.  All the elements seem in place, but just try and figure out how to get to it.

Some Lightroom Presets are free on the net but I was not happy with the results.

So here are the requirements:

Using an existing file of a color negative
  • Have a selection to convert by Film type (Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, etc will have different orange masks)
  • Convert to positive either in batch or singly.
  • Sell as a Lightroom Preset or Photoshop/Elements Plugin

With all the energies devoted to virus development, here is a clear opportunity to solve an existing problem that the "BIGS" don't want to touch.  What say you Vuescan, ACDSee, Alien Skin, OnOne and Nik?