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Thursday, January 20, 2011


The Eiffel Tower is as iconic to Paris and France as any structure in the world.  A marvel then and now for its innovation and sheer beauty.  It is also easy to create a perfectly mundane photo.  I don't believe the one below is in that category.

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Most people shoot it during the day with a standard lens from less than a mile away.  So do THOUSANDS of other people.

So a few considerations for something different:

  1. Relationship to other parts of the city.  
  2. Time of day
  3. Angle and   
  4. Lens choice.
1. The tower is fairly central to the city on the western side along the Seine River, so it is visible from many locations.  At 1063 feet tall, it is still taller than many surrounding hilly neighborhoods to the north.  With careful planning, you can combine a shot with other landmarks.

2. Time of day.  This may not be the mountains, but Galen Rowel's "magic hour" concepts do apply.  Midday pictures are uniformly dull.  At dusk, the tower becomes illuminated by the famous golden lights.  So you need to consider, Sunrise, Sunset or Night to get something more original.

3.  To shoot a different angle, your choices are more limited.  Get up in the hills near the Basilica of Saint-Coeur and shoot with a 200-400 lens, get aerial, but I am not familiar with the tour planes that are available, or get underneath. Voila!

4. I shot "Tour Eiffel" with a fisheye, a Tokina 10 - 17mm lens on my Canon body.

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